Illusion of Perfect Balance

Multi media Installation made in collaboration with Jonatan Weinholt at Bergens Kunsthal (KODE 4).

Illusion of Perfect Balance is an immersive sensory installation – processing the postfactualnarrative where the story being told will simultaneously guide and fragment overtime.

It is in the non-stable state of the in-between, that new forms of narratives thrive. A landscape of the prefixes. Here weights and biases shift like tectonic plates, changing the landscapes and supplying the contents – all depending on perspective. This user-agent defined landscape contemplates on agency, reality, resulting in contradictory belief systems of what our joint landscape looks like.
It is not the question of what shade of green the lands are – but rather, if they are even there.

You are constantly confronted with the inter-change station between chaos and tranquility, of knowledge and uncertainty. Like that momentary point of equilibrium, when tilting on a chair; An illusion of perfect balance.