When Interference Finds Interpretation

When Interference Finds Interpretation is a project that deals with the ever growing amount of signals that surrounds us in modern everyday life. In general these go unnoticed and are only thought about in their absence.

The project derives from this premise that we, to some extent, exist on two different planes – the physical and the digital. But these two planes are becoming more and more intertwined. We find our communities, friends, interests, news, etc., online – yet our understanding of what connects us to the internet moves very slowly. The cultural implementation of technology has now vastly overtaken our cultural understanding of technology.

This project is an experiment to give a physical body to some of the invisible parts that surrounds us in our everyday life. To try and break down the separation between the digital and physical – to blur the lines that separates the two.

A desire to raise questions of our understanding of the technologies we interact with on an everyday basis.

What would it look like if WIFI had a form?